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About Robert Reynolds

1979, Penn state University, BA, Business
1981 – 2012, Portfolio Manager, Harrisburg, PA
2005, Gallery Urban, Group Show, Los Angeles, CA
2005, Amsterdam Whitney Group, Group Show, New York, NY
2008-2011, Nonna's Restaurant, Solo Display, New Cumberland, PA
2009 Kathy's Gallery, Solo Display, New Cumberland, Pa
2009 Baker's, Solo Display, Lemoyne, PA
2010, Harrisburg Art Association, Group Display, Harrisburg, PA
2009-2011, Alice's Gifts, Solo Display, New Cumberland, PA
2011 Blue Shield Insurance Company, Solo Display, Camp Hill, PA
2011-2012, Design Concepts, Solo Display, Linglestown, PA
2011, Gallery on 3rd, Two Person Show, Harrisburg, PA
2005-2015, Glassworx, Solo Display, Harrisburg, PA

Artist Statement

My interest in this particular style of artistry began in 2009 right after my first open heart surgery. During the procedure a nurse turned on the oxygen too quickly which lead to my death for a relatively short period of 2 to 3 minutes. The first thing I was aware of is that I had been transported to a place I’d never seen before. But, I must say, the feelings encompassing my being were unlike any in my entire life... in a good way! As I was flying around at first, I was a little disoriented as to where I was. I do remember that I’d never felt this good in my life and that it had everything to do with the love and compassion that I felt all around me. The next thing I knew I was flying over a small group of buildings that were indescribably beautiful. Their shape was that of the Transamerica building in San Francisco. Their colors were silver, gold, and bronze. The sky had a color scheme that was full of confluent and clashing colors that blended together perfectly. Many of the colors I had never seen before! I remember thinking that I was safe and truly at peace and I never wanted to leave, but then, I looked to my left and saw two figures in a yellow VW bug. I know STRANGE!! I couldn’t make out if they were someone I’d known before....they were waving, when suddenly, and with out warning, they raised their hands into the stop position. AND, that was the end. I had to go. Bummer!!!
The morning after the operation I told my wife "people shouldn’t worry about dying, because where we are going is a wonderful place to be". I don't remember saying that to her, but she said it gave her immediate calm.
Since that time I’ve had so many amazing things happen to me that I cannot explain. The truth is, I know now where they come from and I think it would seem somewhat idealistic if they didn’t really happen. I document most of these occurrences by journaling, but my art has also transformed.
After my experience I changed my artistic styling from painting linear universes, to abstract expressionism. I have dedicated myself to comforting and inspiring those around me through bold, colorful abstract art. When I awoke from my near death experience, I knew I had to share it with as many people as possible. I now use my abstract art as a medium to communicate my interpretation of what I experienced “on the other side”.
My artistic style in similar to Rothko's but there are also differences. I start with either an acrylic or oil base paint using a myriad of colors and texture. I then, begin to layer the paint in order to get a smooth surface throughout. Some of the tools I enjoy using are: brushes, palette knives, spatula's, and sewing needles. Finally, five to six coats of varnish are layered over top of the finished product, not only for protection, but also to enhance the bright, bold colors.
I recognize that abstract art is open to personal interpretation, but I would encourage my viewers to take a long look at my paintings. My hope is that my art will transport you to a realm unknown and mysterious. I trust the longer you dwell on my artwork the more you will perceive the intertwined Spiritual figures as well as sense the immense feeling of tranquility.

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