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To create the Alabaster stone bowls and treasure boxes, Ron uses skills he has learned in his years as a photographer, wood worker and metal fabricator. His talent for seeing a different use for something other than what it was intended is beneficial in designing & building the tools he needs to work with the Alabaster stone. He is continually studying the world around himself for new ideas & designs.

My Artist Statement

I use various colors of natural American Alabaster stone to create bowls & treasure boxes. Many of my pieces have a wood interior, base or finial for accent. In some bowls & boxes, I use multiple colors of alabaster segmented together creating interesting patterns in the design. Each is a one of a kind, with my inspiration coming from the stone itself. When I cut into a large piece of Alabaster, my eyes are the first human eyes to see the beauty of the stone that God and nature designed. Every design is a new challenge where I carefully assemble as many as 300-350 pieces of stone to make a unique work of art that can be passed on to the next generation.

Most of my pieces are turned on a lathe using tooling that I have designed & built especially to work with alabaster stone. Starting with two hundred pound pieces of alabaster from the quarry that just looks like an ordinary rock, I cut the stone into small pieces measured & cut at very precise angles. Then I glue the different color pieces together with smooth tight joints so when I turn it on the lathe, patterns & designs are revealed in the bowl or box. Many times I have to build a special tool or jig to get the desired effect.

My Location

I am located in Mount Vernon, Kentucky.

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