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Festival ”agader” – kibutz Guesher Aziv – Israel.
“Amores y Pasiones” Artistas de Arte del Mundo en La Manzana de las luces – Buenos Aires - Argentina
5 to 17 July.
“Mixturas, El Arte, Las Colectividades y sus Artistas” – Centro Cultural Recoleta – Buenos Aires – Argentina.
“Miami Beach Sister Cities International Art Exhibition” Miami Beach Art Deco Welcome Center Gallery – Florida – USA.
Muestra Itinerante "Abuso, Trata y Tráfico=Conciencia + Libertad"
Galeria Alicia Brandy - Concurso Pintura Figurativa – Buenos Aires – Argentina.


"Tree of Knowledge" - Hadassah Art Gallery, Jerusalem - Israel

Visual Arts Exhibition “Arte del mundo” in the 1st International Congress ANUA - "200 Years Later." ADOLESCENTS AND YOUTH - 1 to November 8, 2010 Buenos Aires - Argentina

Artroad - CONVENTION CENTER "LE DOME, Sofitel CARDALES RESERVE - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Abnormal Gallery - Berlin - Germany

"Southern Lights" at the Bicentennial in the Brazilian Studies Center Foundation. Esmeralda 969 - Buenos Aires

"Southern Lights at the Bicentennial" in stock market
Of Buenos Aires - Argentina


“Arte del Mundo” in the Sun Hotel & Casino Victoria (Entre Ríos) - Argentina

Group exhibition - Castra Cultural Center - Haifa - Israel

Group exhibition "ventiperventi" - Naples – Italy

Arteclásica 2009 Buenos Aires Argentina

Abnormals Gallery – 05.12.2009 to 13.01.2010 – Berlin - Germany

Group exhibition of gallery-Nations-Buenos Aires-Argentina

"Art and Emerging Artists"
Ponce space Boscarino - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Autumn Salon - Congress Center - Haifa, Israel

Classical Art 2008 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

"Values and Principles of Art" exhibition
Art World in the Senate of Argentina

Shows Collective Art Gallery in world-Büchler Sanzio - Buenos Aires - Argentina

"Art and Emerging Artists' Atelier in Ponce Boscarino - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Group exhibition - Yellow Submarine galleria-Jerusalem-Israel

Art exhibition in the world Senate of Argentina

Group exhibition - Nights of Caesarea - Caesarea, Israel

Collective Exhibition-International Convention Center in Haifa, Israel

Twenty-four galleries in Berlin-Germany

First prize in the category Digital Art in the Cultural Center exhibit
"The crack" 2006 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Gallery Area 10-Buenos Aires - Argentina
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Wig of larks

by Ruben Cukier

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