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Rus Huffstutler
About Rus Huffstutler
Painting has always been a very private and personal experience for Rus. His artistic talent was first discovered by his mother, when at the age of three, she found him under her vanity table drawing a family of cats on the bedroom wall.

Throughout his early life, he spent hours alone drawing as an escape from physical challenges brought on by an Asthma condition. In his adult life his talent provided him with a variety of art related career opportunities. He has worked as a glass engraver, Art Director for catalog companies and as a member of a advertising and marketing department for a large retail corporation. He has even worked as a billboard sign painter just before printed vinyl replaced painters.

Today he paints images that inspire him personally and he continues to build a portfolio of two distinct styles. His most unique images are of a “Contemporary Linear Impressionistic” style. The flowing lines converge to create recognizable images the viewer can get lost in. His second style is “Abstract Realism” where realistic images are combined with abstract backgrounds full of color.
Artist Statement

I work to create poetry without words.

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by Rus Huffstutler

The Tragic End to Social Coffee Night

by Rus Huffstutler

The Seeker

by Rus Huffstutler

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