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About Sam Kirk
Growing up, she was never a reading, writing kind of learner. In order to express herself she used sketches, doodles and paintings to provoke a reaction. Put simply, art is her brainís preferred communication tool. A brain that contains a furtive and chimerical imagination, a constant companion ever since she can remember. While she didnít always recognize her artistic ability as a talent, she knew the right side of her brain was often navigating her reality.

Art was celebrated by both of her parents during her childhood as a process in which to gain knowledge. It was treated as a relevant and credible way to express oneís self, which reinforced her natural abilities and passion for visual communication.

Throughout her academic career Sam learned about divine proportion, scale and visual aesthetics. However, when it came to creating her artwork she learned by doing, experimenting and practicing. She sought out help from other local artists in the community and learned how to create by giving her brain what it needed, hands on instruction.

After graduating with a BFA in interior architecture and marketing she got a job in advertising. This was her bread and butter. At the same time she worked her way into an artist community through gallery connections and studio interactions. Attending readings and lectures taught Sam about mediums, brushes and how to handle the materials she works with today. Using moments of mentorship as a guide, she discovered how to extend materials, play with texture and perfect her creative process as an artist.
Artist Statement

Sam believes that she lives in a world that is allowing and pushing culture towards extinction. Her signature artistic theme stems directly from this reality and manifests itself in PROVOKE CULTURETM. Itís a mantra that the artist incorporates into almost all of her work through layered texture and evocation. This request comes to life in bold colors, passion pushing each brushstroke and the content on every canvas. Sam believes, that provoking culture is her lifeís work and she plans to do it in any way and through any medium she can.

Samís art is the only way she truly feels comfortable addressing these kinds of issues. Art is the process in which her brain prefers to communicate a specific point of view. Itís a fluid conversation between her, the canvas sheís chosen and the audience that will experience it. The discussion doesnít always go the way Sam plans, but she is always delighted by the result. Information and imagination overload propels Sam to bounce between multiple projects, setting free whatever her mind fancies at the time. From her signature color choices to the amount of detail from piece to piece. Sam lets her brain take her away to a place that only lives within her imagination. She succumbs to the process of unknowing and always celebrates in the sometimes beautiful, sometimes complex result.

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