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About Hugo Sandoval
Artist Statement

I am a self taught artist currently living in Lodi, New Jersey. Originally I was born and raised in Colombia,nevertheless I consider myself a global citizen.

Creativity has been always essential to my being. I believe that art comes from oneself and should not be directed by anyone's rules or techniques, so search for new ideas and evoking new sensations is fundamental in my art.

I studied Graphic Design, which gave me a way to incorporate my love of fine art into a more marketable skill. Not only was I able to make a good living, I also had a new direction for my art. My hope is that people viewing my work will gain insight into my vision of the world as well as their own.

Painting is a comfortable medium to me. It comes naturally and I paint what I feel. I like to get something onto the canvas quickly so as not to lose the feeling I have at that particular moment. I either do quick skecthes and then move
right to the painting. As an artist I feel symbolism is my favorite element in my own art. To be able to sign a meaning and draw there own relation to that piece.

In creating my paintings, I try to create images that tell a story, or invoke a feeling for the subject matter. My aim is to portray this story in beautiful colors and tones that match the subject matter's mood.

Abstract for me have to be more than well placed colors on a canvas, arranged in a pleasing pattern, again, there must be some element that stirs the imagination and causes the observer to pause an contemplate what it says to them personally.

Painting is such a pleasure for me that I can only hope that when I have signed my name to a finished work, that it will bring pleasure for viewers somewhere, sometime, someplace.

Thanks for your time watching my work.

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by Hugo Sandoval


by Hugo Sandoval

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