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Scott Reuman
About Scott Reuman
Scott C Reuman, Conundrum Designs, Inc.
Nederland, CO 80466

Colorado Institute of Art, Denver, CO 1977
Graduate Bio-Engineering studies; Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 1973-74, full scholarship.
Fine Arts and Engineering degrees; Brown University, Providence, RI 1972.
Course work at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI 1971-72.

Conundrum Designs, Inc., Boulder, CO, President and owner, fine art and design, established 1979 to present
Colorado Academy, Englewood, CO, Teacher, grades 6-12, sculpture, art, photography, physics, math, geology, meteorology, 1975-78
Brown University Physics Dept., Providence, RI, Research Associate, microelectronics and semiconductor research, 1972-74
Clevepak, Inc., Providence, RI, Consulting Engineer (medical), 1973-74

Wood Art Today II, Schiffer Publishing, Jeffrey B. Snyder, 2010
Studio Furniture; Todays Leading Woodworkers, Tina Skinner, 2009
Who's Who in American Art, 2010
Who's Who in American Art, 2009
Who's Who in the West, 1977, 1996
Art consultant to Geological Society of America's Rock Parks, 1996-97
Peoples Choice Award, Boulder Open Studios 2010
Commissioned artist, State of Colorado Percent-for-Art program, 1999, Department of Public Health and Environment, sculpture
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 8, wetlands artist, 1993
Women of the Rockies, official artist 1993
Artist with Visuals Unlimited, 1989-96
Memphis In May Triathalon, official artist, 1987-89
Artist with The Image Bank, 1987-96
Absolut Vodka race series, official artist 1990-1995
Grand Marnier Ski Races, official artist 1990-95
Vail World Cup, official artist, 1989
Michelin Golf, official artist, 1988
John Denver Celebrity Ski Classic, official artist, 1988
Copper Mountain Resort/American Express series events, official artist 1984
Red Zinger Mini-Classic Bicycle Races, official artist 1981-92
Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO, 1978, 1st Place
? Dr. Daniel Chiras, writer, Evergreen, CO, 303-674-9688,
? Dr. Donn Rawlings, Chairman Emeritus Communications Dept., Yavapai College, Prescott, AZ, 520-445- 8423(hm),
? Dr. David Bahr, glaciologist, 303-449-9179 (hm),
? Dr. Melinda Marquis, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration,
? Dr. Eve Passerini, Prof. of Sociology, Regis College, Denver, CO, cell 720-244-2073, home 303-449-1789 (off.) 303-458-4913,

Shidoni Gallery & Foundry, Tesuque, NM 505-988-8001 x4,
Toklat Gallery, Basalt, CO, 970-927-1437,
Osmosis Gallery, Niwot, CO, 303-652-2668,
Artist Statement

Scott C Reuman
Artist Bio & Statement

What I pursue in my artwork is flow, movement, smooth transitive action captured in often static and sometimes moving media. I love using mixed materials – wood and stone, aluminum and steel, resins and wood – the real world does not often isolate substances and much of the beauty of Nature that inspires me is the way in which those materials and the beings made from them work out such gorgeous and complex and often quite balanced systems of support and competition. In my art I seek a small bit of the same, getting my choices of materials and subjects to balance and compete – as in complement – one another.
This combination of dyed resin and wood I work with, my “RiverMaterial™,” I feel I have just barely begun to explore the possibilities and I’ve been working with it for a dozen years now. I constantly have more ideas for the next project, next sculpture, next display and furniture design. And to be given the opportunity to explore ways to make a simple chair, a table, or door both functional and beautiful....well, that is a wonderful gift I hope I can live up to. It is, after all, the way most people would like to live their lives (I hope), containing the necessary and keeping that as beautiful as possible. I fear, though, that that is eroding.
There are two ways I find a new idea. One is to hunch over a blank piece of paper until beads of blood break out on my brow and finally something gets scribbled down and refined. The other is pure miracle. The idea comes at no planned time, with no expectation or exertion, frequently with no prompting that I am aware of, and usually appears fully developed in my mind urging my hands to begin work on it immediately. This brief moment is so fleeting, so energizing, so filled with its own breath that it gives to me, I would if I knew how, give up all the other hard-won ideas for one more of these. But I will take both and be glad the fount does not run dry. The muse continues to play with me.
I have been kayaking for more than 40 years, and every time I go on another river trip, a day or a month long, I find continued solace in the motion of water, fascination with these arterial vessels that move nutrients and mountains from place to place, and ceaseless interest in the minutia that make ecosystems, especially watery ones, work so beautifully without a single regulation, law or sign except for the laws of physics of which they know nothing.
One thing about rivers; since the dawn of civilization rivers have been the bringers of renewal, of life-giving water and nutrients, of transportation and of the wonder of dreams: what’s up river, where does all this water come from, what’s down, where does it all go? All these are metaphor for our lives. At the same time, for millennia we humans have treated our rivers as trash receptacles and sewers. There has always been someone or something else upstream and down. It’s as if we want to take all we can for ourselves to the exclusion of those downstream – read ‘next in line’ – while we ignore the fact that someone very much like us might be just around the bend upstream. And only in the last 40 years have we begun to clean up and treat our rivers, some of our rivers, like more than just a faucet for our lavatories. And for me the ability to capture a river of motion – wind, water, ice, fire – and emotion in a piece of my art is only half the job. Finding someone inspired or awed by this is the other half, for they are the ones who see in Nature some of what I do. And through them I can learn to see with new eyes.

June 2011

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The Golden RiverDoor(tm) - another in Reuman\'s RiverSeries(tm) sculpture and home accessories.

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Confluence dining table

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