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About Mark Kinsella

Mark spent the majority of his life as a photographer and in the private sector, but in 2005 discovered the art of fused glass. After starting with a small table-top kiln he quickly realized that he was meant to create larger and more complex works. Mark has continued to learn through experimentation and through local workshops and is continually developing his unique style. In 2009 he received an honorable mention and in 2011, a third place award in the Duke Employee Art Show, sponsored by the National Arts Program. His work has been showed and sold at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Art and Soul Gallery, LabourLove Gallery, The Hillsborough Gallery of Arts, Craven Allen Gallery, Naomi Studio and Gallery, Spectrum Art Gallery, the Arts & Health Network at Duke University and Picasso's Gallery Gift Shop.

Artist Statement

My conception of a glass piece begins with a vague idea of color or texture. Sometimes Iíll sketch it out but often not. As I start putting it together, it takes on a life of its own and can end up being totally different than what I had in mind at the beginning. For me working with glass is a metaphor for life. When I work with glass I am reminded that life, like glass, is fragile. And that something shattered and broken into a million pieces can be recreated into something whole and beautiful again.

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Dermal Armour

Dermal Armour

by Mark Kinsella