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Carole Murphy Sculpture
About Carole Murphy Sculpture
Murphy sculpts in a 'green' building material, a form of aerated cement. Her patinas range from cement dyes to sprayed steel. Murphy’s work has been described as dancing somewhere between the lines of nature and the feminine.

Growing up in Vermont in a family of lawyers, Carole came late to her art. Murphy teaches privately in her studio in Portland, Oregon and now resides in Portland, Oregon, where she feels she has found her true home. She Murphy's work continues to be shown in galleries, exhibitions and museums throughout the US.
Artist Statement

Sculpting is my voice, the naked breath with which I place my inner realm on display for all to hear.

Sculpting began its seduction of me at a late age, as in my younger years, I was quite afraid of any art. The power of it, my strong draw to it, was one of the reasons that I stayed away from it. Raised in a family of lawyers, art was deigned to be a trivial pastime, as something that is lovely to look at, but of no real value in the world. It was not until after the beginning of my 40th year that I submitted to its custody of me. Finally realizing the extent of my fear, I acquiesced that it was something I needed to respect. I set specific times to delve into the art and found I had to hold myself to them as the resistance was forceful. It was not long until the forms began to take shape and sculpting claimed full ownership of me. The power that had worked so effectively to keep me away from it for so long, now embraced me and in doing so, took me over.

Moving to subtractive sculpture, I find more freedom there as it does not require directive knowledge. With it, sometimes I begin a piece only knowing that a certain shape or movement stirs me deeply. I am free to follow the stirring into whatever place it leads. Many times I am not aware of the totality of the piece, nor where I am traveling to until I arrive. It allows me full enclosure and unadulterated expression, as there is no need for figuring out why I travel in that direction. To sculpt is to find the perfectly imperfect form of total expression. The art itself as it exists, is reason enough for it to be.

Articulating in form solves the questions raised and I need only to look at the piece to find the answers. Each time I view it, the sculpture expounds on the fundamental essence of the inquiry.

Sculpting gives me voice, aligns me with my path and brings me home.

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