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Sculpture and Art by Bruce Gray


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Bruce's artworks are part of over 1200 private and corporate art collections worldwide. His clients include Madonna, Austin Powers, NYPD Blue, Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, Six Feet Under, Meet the Fockers, Rush Hour, Starship Troopers, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, A&M Records, Gene Simmons, Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Honda, Edwards Air Force Base, Little Rock National Airport, Children’s Hospital Boston, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Vanderbilt University, LA County Museum of Art, and two of Bruce’s kinetic sculptures have been acquired for the permanent collection at The Rolling Ball Museum in Seoul, Korea.

My Artist Statement

Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray's modern metal sculptures, abstract paintings, and functional art have been exhibited at many art museums and galleries, in over 30 books, and featured countless times on TV and in movies.

"I love being an artist, and I am very thankful that I have been able to continue my career of selling my sculptural creations for over 23 years now. I enjoy being able to envision concepts in my mind, and then creating them out of nowhere. My sculptures are not made because I want to sell them. They are made because I want to see these ideas exist before me. My creations are truly a part of me, and I think of them like they are my children. In fact, if I didn't need to selI them, I would probably keep most sculptures for myself. I love to experiment creatively, and am hoping to eventually try my skills at writing a novel, making a movie, writing songs, and more. The thought process has already begun in these areas, and many of my ideas percolate in my mind for years until something just clicks, and then I dive right into the project. I predict that I will be very unpredictable as to the directions I will travel in the future. I think artists should really try to work in as many creative areas as they possibly can, at least to some extent. Having an experimental and open mind is key. An artist should be able to appreciate and be inspired by the shape, color, and texture of ordinary things that others would overlook or dismiss as uninteresting."

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I am located in Los Angeles, CA.

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