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About Heidi Bennett

"Dreams are what life is made of! We whittle away at them, carving out a life for ourselves, drawing upon our experiences, painting and being painted by what we see! Sculpted by all those we touch and meet. We are both the dream and the dreamer."
Heidi Bennett was born in Victoria B.C. She has lived may places in B.C. only to return to the coast again and call the Sunshine Coast her home. A self taught artist, Heidi's creations are inspired by her playful nature and through her deep love of nature.
As a child she loved to draw and when her children were very small she began creating life size portraits of children, people and pets in charcoal and chalk. Heidi's first portraits were for family but soon she was commissioned by many others. While living in Smithers B.C. she painted in acrylics that captured the magic of the landscape she lived in and then she began to transfer those images from canvas to clothing. Her paintings and clothing were exhibited in the Smithers Art Gallery. Heidi then moved from the canvas and cloth into sculpting whimsical creations in polymer clay. When she moved to the Sunshine Coast with its abundance of wood, she began to fulfill her dream in carving.
Heidi puts great care into the finishing of her wood carvings which are a delight to touch as well as behold. Carving beautifully detailed bowls, sculptures, masks, urns, door knockers and more. Her studio looks out onto the ocean where, she kayaks, fishes and snorkels with her family. Her imagination is endless and her works of art continue to both amaze and delight those who see them.

Artist Statement

I work with many kinds of wood, each with their own set of characteristics, the wood itself uncovers and dictates the outcome and inspires the subject. My works take on many forms that have developed out of my life experiences, reflecting nature and wildlife and the mystical. There is a warmth to wood that enhances any surrounding and my pieces are finely sanded to a glossy sheen and finished with mineral oil so that they are easy to maintain. The fine finishing with micro cloth gives it the satiny smooth finish and seals up the pores bringing out the rich grain and colour of the wood and the mineral oil deepens the natural colour and helps to protect it. When I begin a carving I am always amazed at what the wood reveals, every knot every flaw is perfect.

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Coral Mask Alder by Heidi Bennett

Coral Mask Alde...

by Heidi Bennett


Dragon Face Off  Arbutus Bowl by Heidi Bennett

Dragon Face Off...

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Horse & Rider Spalted Maple by Heidi Bennett

Horse & Rider S...

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