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I am a fused and stained glass master with work experience 7 years. I do an original decor for decorating stairs, luminous glass railing, glass flowers for partitions and fencings, for landscape ponds, thick glass bowls for waterfalls, home and garden lighting, vases, mirror decor, metal bonsai trees with glass stylized leaves…
Artist Statement

I welcome you dear friends and guests! If you have visited my page not accidentally, then you want to find a unique, unusual author's product from glass.

If you are a designer, an artist or a person with creative thinking, we can always put together your original ideas in glass and metal.

If you came to my page accidentally, then
"Nothing happens by chance, everything has the prime cause" (Sigmund Freud)

Glass has always helped people to perpetuate their culture and inspired them to create beautiful works of art.
You will not be indifferent to the originality of execution and the amazing shapes that I give to my products.
All products are authored and are executed in the technique of fusing glass art in a special oven.
If after melting in the furnace processing is required (cutting, grinding of edges or all surface of a product), then it is made on machines which also as well as the furnace are designed and assembled by me.

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Fish fused glass  with LED USB backlight Apistogramma

by serg volichark

Christmas tree glass with illumination

by serg volichark

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