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About Shangrila Woodworks

Scott and Stephanie reside in the rural mountain community of Candy Kitchen New Mexico. Both Scott and Stephanie have always been involved in the arts from an early age, from painting, drawing, scratch boarding to vocal performance. This has evolved into their passion of working with wood together. Scott began his love of woodworking in high school and is mostly self taught. His greatest biggest influence was famous rocking chair maker Sam Maloof, whom he was honored to take a few classes with. Scott and Stephanie started creating fine furniture over 25 years ago and approximately 14 years ago began carving bowls to have smaller items for art shows. That evolved into carving vessels and sculptures using a chainsaw and grinders, becoming more elaborate and sculptural in design, by creating tunnels, waves and folds. They decided in 2016 to stop creating furniture and concentrate on the carved Vessels and Sculptures only. They both love the fact that the vessels and sculptures bring out their artistic freedom and allows them to express their visions from within themselves, working with influences from nature. Another aspect they both love about carving is bringing new life to discarded logs and forest reclaimed woods, such as Alligator Juniper from New Mexico. Endless scouting for just the right logs and burls, brings about abundant possibilities. Carving through into the center of the tree, reveals its life from the beginning to the end; Bringing out the Beauty and Spirit of the tree from within. Scott and Stephanie are award winning artists, showing in museums, high end galleries and juried art shows. Their work is sought after by collectors from all over the world.

Artist Statement

Scott and Stephanie strive to create works of art that will be admired and last for generations. They are constantly improving and refining their skills to keep the creative juices and enjoyment flowing. Each sculpture carved is very physical and sometimes dangerous, but well worth it. That can be seen in each and every creation.

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