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Artistic creation has always been an important ingredient in my life. I have pursued a variety of artistic adventures, all of which required a love of color, form ,and design.

My beads are properly annealed in a digitally controlled kiln built by Michael Crowley of The Glass Hive and cleaned with a diamond tip dremel bit. The torch I currently use is the Carlisle Mini CC.

I love all of the wonderful colors we have to enjoy in this world and I love to create beautiful things. Creating glass beads and jewelry (lampworking) satisfies both of those enjoyments and it is my hope that you like my creations.

EVERYONE should have a little "SHAZAZZ" in their life don't you agree?
Artist Statement

Unlike the 14th Century when artists used the flame of an oil lamp to create glass beads, current lampworking is a type of glasswork that uses a fueled torch (propane and oxygen) to melt rods of glass. When in a molten state, the glass is formed by rotating and shaping with a variety of tools and hand movements. Once ready to begin, the lampworker slowly introduces the glass rod into the flame to prevent cracking from thermal shock. The glass is heated until molten, wound around a specially coated steel mandrel forming a base bead which can then be embellished or decorated using a variety of techniques and materials. Once finished, the piece goes immediately into a kiln to be properly annealed which prevents cracking or shattering.

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A little Southwestern flare in this copper and lampwork pendant with matching earrings

by ShaZazz Glass

Double strand necklace with large lampwork focal and two pair of earrings

by ShaZazz Glass

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