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About Sheila Elias

Based in Miami, Sheila Elias has worked in Los Angeles, New York, and her native Chicago. This dynamic multimedia artist is in numerous collections around the world including the Brooklyn, Bass, and Lowe Museums and has also exhibited in The Louvre in Paris. Elias goes to the core of the human condition, especially as we envision it for the future. She works within the magnitude of poetic gravity, giving an uncanny tempo to her images through rhythmic persistence. Her paintings and recent digital photographs sustain an ecstatic momentum through the use of evocative forms and figures that suggest conflict, balance, and intrigue. Robert C Morgan, the curator, critic and Fulbright Scholar, wrote: "As an artist, Sheila Elias' task is not a simple one. There is nothing lost or forsaken in her art. Recent large-scale works such as Smoke Dancer challenge the very core of human reality and reinterpret our thinking about global trends into something beyond the predictable." Sheila's newly released publication, Somewhere-Anywhere, in conjunction with Nova Southeastern University, traces the evolution of Elias' art and vision through abstraction and figuration, object and performance, pop and expressionism. With a foreword by distinguished, New York artist-critic Robert C. Morgan, Somewhere-Anywhere features the history of Elias's art as interpreted by noted Los Angeles critic, curator, and historian Peter Frank, who has followed Elias's work for almost three decades.

Artist Statement

My work is about the layers of life and art history, seeking in it a connection between art aesthetics and social consciousness.

I like to portray a perception of urban tension, raw emotions and harsh realities tempered with gentle optimism and beauty, countering an American dream that has gone a bit astray. I like to bring an awareness of new directions and individual inventiveness.

Through life experience, I incorporate visual, emotional, and psychological impressions and feed them into my paintings.