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About Sherry Key

In the last several years my concentration has been in illustration (mostly ACEO Art Cards, and other small works of art) ) and also unique experimentation with black and white hand colored photos, some sculpture, and some jewelry..

I like to focus on the humorous and surreal side of life, and art.

Awarded three Sculpture and Ceramic scholarships on merit of my work.

I love to improvise with found objects, art materials of all kinds, and a lot of common sense. I believe if you are truly an artist at heart…where there is a will, there is a way. I started out as a 3-dimensional artist, sculpture, wood, etc. and in more recent years have gotten more into illustration and painting.

Sculpture-All my sculpture and ceramics you see are handbuilt or hand thrown.

There is something spiritual to me that takes place when you do any kind of work with clay. Working with clay, glazing, kiln firing, or rakuing in a big metal barrell is all sooo… therapeutic and spiritual anyway. Nothing brings back good childhood memories better than when you used to play in the mud and make mud pies. No, life doesn’t get any better than that.

Jewelry-I love using copper and most of what I use is recycled electrical wire, using cold and heat forging techniques. I like to do things with copper that would normally not be done such as weaving, sewing, incorporating clay and found objects.

Black and White Photos-I just love the effect of B&W photos, maybe they bring back childhood memories, and it gives things an aura of mystery. I always look through the lens trying to keep in mind composition, and what I want to see come out on paper. I think where you put color in a photo, can make or break it. I do not consider digital coloring to be hand coloring. Using oils, pastels, paints, etc. are hand coloring to me. This is my personal opinion, I'm entitled to it...(-:

Sherry Key a.k.a. SKey

Artist Statement

I love to focus on the twisted, the funny, and the surreal side of life and art. My work has been described as cute and scary, humorous, and entertaining. I recently had a buyer say my work looked like "Manga on a nightmare." When I had people say, "they can pick my work out before they even see who the artist is"...well, I felt like I had arrived.

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