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Growing up, I drew compulsively, Without encouragement at home, I did not pursue a career in art.

I was lucky to find a way to work visually in computer-based print production. Later, I was introduced to stamp carving. Command z couldn’t provide the raw satisfaction of creating by touch.

I re-learned how to draw, working first on technical skills and using my natural propensity towards detail and precision. In time, With time, I allowed randomness into my process.

I enjoy the physicality of painting on tile and touching the results; it reminds me of the visceral joy of fingerpainting in kindergarten. I also draw with pencil and ink, paint watercolors, and carve stamps.. I have just begun a new series, Commentary, working on Claybord with pen-and-ink, watercolor pencils and an xacto blade.

Awards and Exhibitions include:
Brooklyn Academy of Music Competition, The Sound of Brooklyn, February 2009;
Program Cover, Lobby Exhibition:
Connecticut Muffin, Exhibition, March-May 2008:
Cocoa Bar Exhibition, September-October 2006:
BWAC, Exhibitions 2003-2011.

I'm mostly self-taught, but have academic scaffolding from the following:
School of Visual Arts, Children’s Book Illustration, Winter-Spring 2009:
New York Academy of Art, Oil Painting, Spring 2008:
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Watercolor, Spring 2006:
Hunter College, Oil Painting, Printmaking, Winter 1985-86:
Brooklyn College Drawing, Life-Drawing, Art History, 1977-1980.

My Artist Statement

I want to examine our lives with empathy and appreciation.

I experiment, combining mediums for texture and contrast. My goal is to create with perfectionist detail then not be afraid to destroy the results.

I carve stamps and stencils and the x-acto knife is an important tool. I enjoy creating randomness in my process. I want my pieces to vibrate for the viewer.

I want to show and share my work, for my evolving professional aspirations, and in the hope of creating synergy and dialogue with other artists.

My Location

I am located in Brooklyn, NY.

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