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Suzanne Bangert

Merriam, Kansas

About Suzanne Bangert

I am an elementary classroom teacher teaching in the building I attended as a child. I have three grown children and two grandchildren. Along with painting and mosaic art, I have an Art Party business called "Friendship Art" that keeps me happily busy helping others realize their creative potential.

Artist Statement

My inspiration comes from nature; my motherís love of the outdoors and all she taught me about plants and flowers...I channel her creativity and her artistic abilities at times when I get stuck. Inevitably it is moments later and I find am unstuck.

My work is filled with florals and patterns in vibrant colors. The work flows and edges are blurred to draw the eyes across the painting rather than get stuck in the details.

I start by drawing and sketching using a charcoal pencil. I like the pencil lines that blend in with the paint to enhance the shadowing effect. I use acrylic paint in layers to create texture and depth. When using pastels, I blend and blur the lines with my fingers to create the feeling of movement. I also use tiles and bits and pieces of recycled things to create mosaic wall designs, as well as useful home goods.

Whether I am painting, drawing, or laying out a mosaic design, my passion for color and creating movement in my piece is my focus. My goal is to create a piece that describes how color can embrace us using a powerful arrangement of lines, patterns, and designs.

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Fruit on Yellow

by Suzanne Bangert


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by Suzanne Bangert


Flower Mosaic M...

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by Suzanne Bangert