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Peggy King

Columbia, MO

About Peggy King

During the last quarter of a century or so, I have made a career of serving first as the Office Manager, and now Energy Analyst for a state association. The work requires logic, an analytical mind, a head for detail and the constant crunching of numbers. Although the work is certainly rewarding, there is little outlet for creativity, as that type of thing is highly frowned upon in the world of bookkeeping and such.

An affirmed non-artist, I “found” glass at the age of 50. It was like receiving a surprise gift for some forgotten occasion. I hadn’t planned on becoming a glass artist. I took a bead making course on a whim. Then I took a fusing class, and was hooked. In my home studio in Columbia, Missouri, I now create both lampworked (hot) and fused (warm) glass art, calling myself “Snow Flake Glass” …Get it?...No Two Are Alike!

I am a juried artist member of Best of Missouri Hands, and a 2 term past president.

Artist Statement

For half a century I lived with no appreciation for the beauty of glass and its amazing, sometimes flabbergasting properties. On a whim, I took a lampworking class. Then I took a fusing class.

It was never supposed to be like this. Having long considered myself to have no artistic talent (after all, I can’t even draw a creditable stick figure), I was unprepared for the journey glass was about to become.

It has opened my life to the arts, to new friends, and, finally, a way to express my creativity through a medium that is fluid, surprising, and amazingly beautiful.

My reward is always the greatest when a person touches or looks at a piece of mine and smiles. That simple smile means my art touched that person somewhere – probably unexpectedly.

Which brings me full circle to how my addiction to glass began in the first place. The best places in life are often those we arrive at unexpectedly.

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