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Steve Kubien

Ajax, Ontario


About Steve Kubien

After being involved with woodworking for most of my life, in 2004 I discovered woodturning. I bought my first wood lathe and have not touched my flat-work tools since!

Now, I am on to my second (larger) lathe and already dreaming up what I could do with even more size capabilities. I work at my home in Ajax, Ontario, Canada where my full-time job is as a stay-at-home dad to my amazing daughters (2 of them) and also being supportive of my wonderful wife and her career path. Does life get much better than this? I seriously doubt it.

Artist Statement

I believe trees have a voice of their own and a story to be told. Over a year ago I made a commitment to only work with reclaimed timber. These trees are often felled by storms, trimmed as part of regular maintenance or removed due to illness of death. It is my wish to give these trees new life, to allow them to tell their story to new generations and to bring a sense of peace and comfort to those wise enough to listen.

At various points in my life I have been strongly influenced by eastern culture, ideas and art, especially those of Japanese origins. I think this is where I get my strong sense that art can, and should, be functional. To that end, my work leans strongly on the concept of functional art, where form and function stand on equal footing. I have little desire to create things which are pretty but serve no useful purpose beyond looking just so. Things need to look good but they also need to work well and feel pleasing to the hand. That is what I strive for in my work.