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About Strong Bear

Born in 1933 Strong Bear is the fifth child of nine. He has faught in Washington DC for Indian rights and has been host to Denis Banks, and Russell Means when they took over Alcatraz. Truly a man of honor, and respected as a warrior of his time.

Artist Statement

Relics of the past, made from the heart of an Apache artist own hands. These beautiful native wall designs hold power and spirtual medicine to keep you and your family safe. Help an old Indian live a better life; SS is just not enough! He is a real person, and would love to know his work is loved and needed. Strong Bear is 79 and his work has been around for a very longtime. He sits in his home, even today, making authentic native spiritguards for you. His health is poor; your purchase is his medicine to keep designing, to keep living. Thank You!

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Circle of Life

Circle of Life

by Strong Bear