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My Artist Statement

I use my camera and pastels to produce images that, hopefully, stir emotions. Art, whether you’re the creator or recipient of it, should make you feel more alive, more vibrant, and more kind.

I live in Denver, Colorado. I was born in 1952, the same year that David Byrne was born and Elizabeth II was proclaimed Queen of the United Kingdom.

I’ve enjoyed writing and art since I dragged a crayon across the wall (bad move on my part). Whether it’s a 500 word anecdote, oil painting, pastel art or photography, I like to play with words and images, the perfect toys who, when set free, go on to live their own lives.

My favorite medium is pastel, which comes from the French word for "paste." When many people think of "pastel," they think of of light colors. But the pastel medium is not like that at all.

More than any other medium, pastel is pigment in its purest form. It has the least amount of binder. It will not crack, fade or yellow with time. Since it does not dry, it will always look the same as the moment the pastel was laid down, with no darkening or color change. When looking at pastel under a microscope, you see little crystals, which reflect light. Pastels are rich and vibrant!

Because pastels have the least amount of binder, they can be delicate to handle. Unless a fixative is used, the pastel is not "glued" to the paper, as in an oil, water color or acrylic. Instead, good quality pastel paper has a sandy "tooth" that grabs the pastel and hangs on to it pretty well, if not shaken. I do not use a fixative. A fixative dulls the pastel's brilliance, and also darkens it. I just handle my pastels carefully.

A pastel art piece is considered a painting if it is covered edge to edge, and not a quick study or sketch. Please let me know if I may have the pleasure of painting your pet in pastel.

I still like Talking Heads, and the Queen and I are still going strong. Thank you for looking, Sue Deutscher

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