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Susan Stefanski

About Susan Stefanski
Artist Statement

I have always enjoyed taking raw materials and turning them into something beautiful. I discovered painting late in life and was thrilled to find this challenging creative process trying to capture the beauty and serenity I experience in nature.

Painting has made me see the world differently paying attention to shadows and colors like never before. I am more aware of my surroundings and most drawn to painting outside. Fields, streams, flowers in the landscape, and shorelines call me to take brush and knife to canvas capturing light, air, and space. I get lost in the cool and warm colors, the soft and hard edges of my representational, slightly impressionistic work. I hope to convey to the viewer feelings of peace, contentment and serenity.

The challenges of my craft are a thrill and will continue to evolve. If I am not painting I am thinking about how to render a subject, be it a flower or a child. I am so grateful for God’s gifts which can be found all around.