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About Sylvain Copon
Sylvain Copon Artist Born In Champagne ! visit Troyes In Champagne
Education Ecole des Beaux Arts - Owner Director Rouge Galerie llc Los Angles.Beverly Hills,Glendale , Pasadena Ca .USA
Owner / Director Galerie Turenne France
Owner / Director C.I.A “Copon International Arts France
Studio du roi Troyes France.

First place in painting category, City of Beverly Hills CA
Winning Finalist, New York Arts International NY
Honorary exclusive guest artist for “Vision of the Mind”
Honorary Artist guest and solo show at The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas, NV
Honorable mention Exhibit at Palos Verdes Arts Center CA
Honorary Guest artist ands exhibition at Metropolitan Art Museum Tokyo Japan

Special Artistic Interests

2009. See Copon Painting on TV & Movie : Herro Californiacation - Hi - The office -and more
Campaign.”Absolut Copon” New York
SWATCH DESIGN Milan Italy “Poppies Series”
Live painting in public with Actress Jane Seymour

2006 Poster for the food wine and art festival of Reno NV

Participation of Art Heals Benefit for September 11th Fund
Participation and realization Absente painting
For Crillon Importers ltd “Absente” 2002 available 2005Publication

2010 Participatin Live Painting Nestley
Coquelicot collection, Rouge galerie
Art Network Beverly Hills CA
Art Expo New York
Art Expo Los Angeles
Art 21 Las Vegas
Grammy Awards
Los Angles Times
Los Angeles Magazine
Los Angeles Chinese Times

Beverly Hills Magazine
Book Art Press.
New Art International

Coastline News
Where Magazine, Orange Country California
Vision of the Mind
New Art International San Francisco California
Metropolitan Art Museum Tokyo Japan
L’écho de la Presqu’ île France- Reno food wine & art festival
Beverly Hills - Brentwood - Santa Monica - Palos Verdes 2005
Abstract catalog Rouge Galerie
List of Gallery, Museum, Distributor, & Shows

Nassau County Museum of Art Roslyn Island- New York (2006)
Galerie Turenne France
Maison de la vigne France
Salle Pierre Auguste Renoir Essoyes France
Artlink International Osaka Japan
Art Collection Housse Tokyo Japan

Fletcher Fine Art Gallery Woodstock New York
I.D Systems New York
Gallery Jopard Charlestone, SC
Griffith Art Gallery Pelham, AL
Museum Ft Lauderdale Miami, FL - Galerie de France Coral Gable, FL
Galerie Turenne France
Marion Meyer Laguna Beach, CA
Bowles.Sorroco, Yarger Beverly Hills, CA

Hansen Gallery Carmel, CA Rouge Galerie Pasadena, CA
Art Effects Polos Alto, CA
Museum of Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Pacific Museum Pasadena, CA
Kahn Gallery Kauai, Hawaii

Art Expo New York New York
Art Expo Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
Art Expo Las Vegas Las Vegas .NV
Art Expo San Francisco San Francisco.CA
Art 21 Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV

Brentwood Art Festival Brentwood, CA
Pasadena Art Festival Pasadena, CA
Affairs in the Garden Beverly Hills, CA
Ave Maria Fine Art Gallery Ann Arbor.MI
F & B Decoration Inc Brooklink.NY

Collectors Editions Canoga Park, CA
Beverly Hills 1999/2000/2001 Beverly Hills, CA
Body of Art Mt Kisco, NY
Accent & Designs Hyattsville, MDrt Yountville, CA
Micaela Gallery San Francisco, CA
Banbi Papais Murphys, SUITE OF GALLERY

Kavanaugh Art Gallery West des Moines, IA
Vinings Gallery Smyrna, GA
BGH Gallery Santa Monica, CA
MRM Associates Fine Arts Saddle River, NJ
R.Robert Gallery Jacksonville, FL

Summa Gallery Inc New York.NY
The Frame Shop Augusta, GA
Linda Mc Bride Bronxville, NY
Galerie Soleil Rouge La Baule France
Hôtel « L’ermitage » La Baule France

Mervana Northbrook,IL
Designers2 Livingston, NJ
Galerie Rouge New Orleans, LA
Govan Galleries Hackensack, NJ
Art & Home du jour Florissant, MO

Artworldwide 19 E.providence,RI
Executive Interiors Birmingham.AL
Contemporary west Phoenix ,Arizona

Auberge de la comete, Nantes- France - Romeo's Fine Arts, Lansdale - Pennsylvania The Pinkerton House Portfolio Louisville Kentucky

Art Philadelphia 2003 Pennsylvania - L2 Gallery Florida -
Rouge galerie Beverly Hills,
Interior Sensation Mamaroneck.NY
Poco Andante Inc Osaka Japan
Image Fine CA

Rouge galerie Donwtown Los Angeles
Blue velvet restaurannt and longe Exhibtion: 8 Elements of life
"Night Of Art 2008"
And much more ...
Artist Statement


The earth is round, and yet there stupid peoples in every corner . . .

So to be clear …In life we have two kinds of people …The ARTIST! (LIKE ME)
And The PAINTER … (Like you) …
If you come to MY gallery or Studio to ask stupid questions like:Ask me how I do this, and how I do that…
PLEASE DON’T put your nose so close to THE ARTWORK,,, so as TO TRY AND SEE HOW IT IS MADE…
Don’t touch!, it is not yours,,Is not because you don’t understand how it is made, you will NOT find it by looking closer. Find your own style if you can,,,
This is your first problem … you don’t know what to do. And don’t like to hear about itDon’t forget you are a PAINTER; a painter will not make money in the art business …

You will paint…At this time it may be better for you to find a job! McDonald’s will be proud to offer you one.
Or if you can say: Plastic or paper? You have all chance to make it in the super-market life style …
I’m French American artist, a real one, I have painted all my life and I know I’m F… good! You don’t need to tell me.

You don’t have any talent what so ever or any idea or direction, if you paint Abstract is just for the reason that you don’t know how to draw…
If you think my ARTWORK is fantastic, you right! It is Good, I’m the greatest! I have talent, and work for it.

Painters like you don’t know what to do, jump from one idea to another...a PAINTER LIKE YOU doesn’t have anything to say … Try to copy the skills of others, or try to find a new style, ha ha ha what style?

You see a good art and you say “oooohhh this is good… I like this…I will paint like this” ,,, but it is already too late, someone has already made this ,,, if you read a book and try to make the same story simply by changing the names of the heroes you are a painter…

A painter is easy to identify: If you have paint on your jeans (however, the paint needs to be applied on the canvas, and not on your trendy pair of designer jeans) then you have no style, stupid bag, and/ or the “artist style “who is way old fashioned …
You carry cheap stuff, and look like you need a dollar…
If you think you are better..Cool…then prove it! In the mean time don’t take any photos, don’t ask me if I have a web site, and please don’t ask me for my business card ….

My information is on top of my invoices. If you look closer on top of the front door it reads FINE ART GALLERY …
I need customer not painters. I make art and sell art by myself. I get 100% of the sale…
So tell me, do I need another painter? If you want I will teach you something, this lesson will cost you $400.00 per hour (Note: There is a 2 hours minimum )
I can paint anything anywhere; I know all styles, from painting, ceramic, to sculpture, bronze, glass, crystal and much more.
I live with all best artists in the world. Nothing can impress me, for I am the best!
I don’t need to see other’s skill, I don’t care about you, or any other so called “painter”, I also don’t care what you do or what you want to say.

I don’t have the time for you except if you want to pay me to talk sense to you. So to All losers and artists who are thinking or are pretending to be an artist …
Please don’t ask me the question “how did you make it”.

Also, if you go to an “art school” then you are a loser painter, because the teacher will teach you what he/she “Thinks” you ought to know…therefore he/ she is also a loser painter…

Because if she/ he was good …He / She will live very well off the art … And not require to teach other losers.

If you want to see art go to a Museum, it is not free, so don’t think I work for the glory too…
Now if you don’t have the same belief or you don’t agree, then it is recommended that you just go to the next gallery and tell them your story …

Because I frankly, I just don’t care.
Sincerely …

The REAL artist Sylvain Copon

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original oil on canvas

by Sylvain Copon

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