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About Adrianne Jezin
The abstract works of Adrianne Jezin provide the perfect example of an Individualís personal Evolution through Art. Her Journey began while she was still in her teens, questioning her purpose in this Life after her closest friendís brush with death. Her explorations of Self came to a head while she was in her early 20s, after another dear friendís tragic demise. Adrianneís place in this Life began to reveal itself in a sort of reversed order as she pondered the meaning of Life after Death, and in her naturally inquisitive way, she began to draw and to create of her own accord, with no formal training whatsoever.

During this crucial time, Sacred Geometry, the Universal Laws, and the importance of her Spirituality led Adrianne to develop her own unique Style of Creativity. Studying the Age of Aquarius, she continued to expand upon the newly discovered Indigo Child deep within her Soul, intensifying her artistic creations to encompass the numerous planes and levels of Existence, with the Selfless goal of bettering Humankind by elevating the collective consciousness through her unique Art during these changing Times of our planet. She has since found her chosen role in the grand scheme of things, as the missing piece of the Elemental puzzle that is Life fell further into place with each stroke of brush and pen.

Having the opportunity to view Adrianneís work is a treasure in itself. Her primary symbol -which resonates through all of her paintings and drawings- is the all-seeing eye, prompting one to remember that both Beauty and Interpretation is the in the Eye of the beholder. It is an element of her work that draws the viewer deeper into the multi-faceted meanings of each individual piece. The shapes and colors flow together, allowing the disjointed pieces to become clear and to merge with oneís consciousness and open all levels of understanding, deep into the Core of Being. Her work allows one to meditate on the endless possibilities of Life ~ where we come from, where we are currently, and where we are going in Space- Time, Consciousness, and in and of Ourselves.

Adrianne Jezin is an innovative new artist who deserves the art communityís attention, recognition and respect. She is a beautiful person, with a beautiful Soul, whose work retains a beautiful, Timeless message. It is reminiscent of a fragile butterfly, trying to stay afloat in all the chaos and madness of our modern world. Adrianne achieves this Truth of Spirit, and allows the viewer a sense of delicate intimacy, through her amazing art work. I am honored to review her work, and to call her my life-long Friend.
Artist Statement

Art is a synthesis of my personal feelings, the subject or colors that inspire me, my materials and techniques. When I approach a blank canvas it is to create something inspiring for one's personal spiritual development. Creating an art piece which makes one think of all sorts of things they connect with internally. Whether I'm having a great day or not exactly feeling it that day, everyday is an opportunity for me to create artwork. I'm dedicated to what I love to do, all things creative. I believe it's my purpose here on earth and although I won't always be painting canvas', I hope in the future I can try all facets of art, exploring all of the one million ways artwork is done. Overall the feeling creating art brings to me is one that has no words to describe it. To be a contribution to the earth and to the earth's ascension process, healing and reaching out to the higher levels of frequency are my primary goals as an artist.

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The Crazy Tree

by Adrianne Jezin

Not Your Average Tree

by Adrianne Jezin

Hazy Shade of Winter

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Ever After

by Adrianne Jezin

Complicated Sun

by Adrianne Jezin

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