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About Suthamma Thimkaeo
Ta Thimkaeo, Born Thailand 1974, her art tells vivid, interesting and thought-provoking
stories of her life, the land and its people in the beautiful part of Thailand where she lives.
Her ladies also tell a story, they have something of the night about them, they have no
nationalities or boundaries, always strong, in control and exquisite.

Ta started life as an artist in 2011 working in a gallery on Koh Samui where she worked with one of the finest artists on the island. Though largely self taught she soon learnt she had a natural talent for painting. In 2012 Ta opened up her own gallery in Samui which was very successful before moving to Khanom in 2014 to concentrate on selling her art online. Ta had her first selected exhibition in 2016 on the beautiful island of Koh Samui.

Ta’s work is rapidly attracting a growing international audience, and with her more recent works – particularly her female nudes – it is clear that this multi-talented artist is in a league of her own, and is helping to put Thailand on the world map in terms of fine arts, she is also a finalist in a prestigious exhibition to be held in London in early 2017.
Artist Statement

My art explores many styles, from Modernism through Impressionism, Expressionism and Cubism to the more traditional and homespun themes that reflects the immense pride I have in Thailand.

When I was a young kid I came across an old art studio in Bangkok, with an old man painting with oil paints and I stood and watched him for ages, I was very shy, very nervous I was a kid from the country but he invited me in and showed me what he was doing and showed me round his studio explaining how he worked, I was fascinated.

I knew I wanted to be like that old man and paint, I loved that old studio, I loved the chaos the smell of paint,varnish it was fascinating and I was well and truly hooked. I didn't know how I was going to do it but I knew one day I was going to be an artist.

I get a lot of my inspiration from three artist; Claude Monet with his use of colour, his expressiveness, detail and the softness of his beautiful paintings, Vincent van Gogh with his bold use of colour his expressiveness, and I like to think I’m a little impulsive like him, and Paul Cezanne for his genius and imagination.

I sit at a clean canvas, with my imagination, oils, brushes, knife and fingers ready to start work, I have an idea, I start to paint, my head is telling my hands what to do, but sometimes my head changes so I delete and start again and so it goes until I’m happy with my work, then sometimes I use a palette knife to cover the whole canvas in random strokes and I see something like a photo an image and follow my feelings.

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by Suthamma Thimkaeo

100 year market in Thailand

by Suthamma Thimkaeo

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