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Tanya Bancroft was born in New Westminster and has lived most of her life in the Greater Vancouver area. Tanya started drawing portraits at a very young age and although she is completely self taught she has managed to evolve into a brilliant young talent. Having used a vast array of mediums she now focuses mostly on working with acrylic and mixed media. Tanya's pieces range from high emotion with the bold use of primary colors to the other side of the spectrum reflecting a calm neutral pallet that brings about a sense of peace. Her wide range of artistic ability and different painting styles is one of the reasons she has begun to make her mark as an artist and have her work embraced by a large assortment of clientele.

My Artist Statement

Tanya Bancroft

In my work I take something that is seemingly beautiful,

airbrush it to what one would classify as flawless or even perfect.

I then strip it down to the core, expose what lies beneath. I make it

messy, show the cracks, age it, then I accompany it with elements of

whimsy and humor becoming undisciplined in my actions of painting.

I then finish with a coating of resin which gives an ultra reflective

quality so that when you stand back to admire the beauty of the piece

with all of its imperfections you may also see yourself.

My Location

I am located in Vancouver, B.C.

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