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Ulrika Leander has over 30 years� experience in designing and hand-weaving large-scale tapestries. Leander studied tapestry art and interior design in her native Sweden and the Scandinavian design ethic remains a strong influence to this day. Her tapestries are hand-woven on a vertical loom with the capacity to weave up to 12 ft. in one direction and more than 40 ft. in the other. Leander�s vibrant contemporary approach to this timeless art-form brings a richness, warmth and a powerful artistic impact to all forms of architectural space while fulfilling the client�s expectations of a work of enduring beauty and worth.

My Artist Statement

I design and hand-weave tapestries on vertical looms and I am the only person involved in the entire process from the creation of watercolor designs through to the ancient craft of hand-weaving the tapestry; each tapestry is a unique creation using the highest quality natural fibers and the designs are never repeated. My large custom-built vertical loom enables me to work over a wide range of size scales with some of my larger tapestries being 12 ft. in one dimension and over 30 ft. in the other.
Many of my tapestries are woven for clients who bring, to varying degrees, their own concepts of theme, space and color, and i find this confluence of ideas, inspiration and personal interaction immensely rewarding. When I design and weave for a client, the tapestry ultimately represent my own design imperative - to ensure that the final tapestry fulfills the client's expectations for a work of enduring beauty and worth.
From my personal perspective, weaving a tapestry draws on many parts of my being; the artist's imagination, the weaver's skill and the human ability to create.

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I am located in Royal Oak, Maryland.

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