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About Tapwater Designs
Hi there. My name is Tighe, I'm a furniture maker and designer. I like to create pieces that serve a utilitarian need in your space, but that could also function as sculpture. I find great satisfaction in giving form to an idea, as well as uncovering the story that each piece of wood naturally tells. Each piece of furniture or accessory I make is personally handcrafted with only the highest quality materials in a small shop in Boston. They are then
signed and dated, blanket wrapped, and ready for your good pleasure. However the finished product looks, my main focus is on utility and resilient craftsmanship. All products are customizable in sizes, species, and ideas. Is there anything I can do for you?
Artist Statement

Tapwater Designs currently offers a collection of handcrafted wooden furniture, designed to simplify your life and continue to the next. Organic hand- rubbed finishes are used whenever possible, and the
traditional joinery methods employed are time-tested and reinforced
for extreme wear and seasonal shifts. All TD furniture is guaranteed against defects in material and craftsmanship.

Tapwater Designs is also playing a small part for the one billion people in the world who lack access to life's most crucial ingredient, water. By purchasing a TD piece of furniture, not only are you purchasing guaranteed heirloom quality, but you are also supporting the social good.

In an effort to end world water poverty, a portion of every purchase helps promote the efforts of organizations installing tap stations, wells, and purification systems to those without clean water. Wine to Water, Charity Water, Join the Pipe, and Water Aid in America are some of the organizations that TD supports.

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*  Rare earth magnetic Keyledge, white ash, by Tapwater Designs. Hand #\\\'d

by Tapwater Designs

Spinning Lid Cherry Bin

by Tapwater Designs

Modern Shaker Bar Chair

by Tapwater Designs

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