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About Tere G
Tere G majored in Fine Arts and Photography in Mexico and furthered her studies in, France, Spain and recently finished a Post Graduate Program in Producing for Film and TV in Los Angeles.

Her art work has taken form in different medias through out the years in sculpture, graphics, painting and photography among others, and has allowed her to participate in interior design, hat , handbag and web design, education. Currently she is bringing her creative abilities to life in film and music videos as a Production Designer/Art Director.

Her work has been exhibited in Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Greece, Spain and the US.
Artist Statement

Art means individual but collective examinations because they are born from our personal experience, our vision of the world and our desires; it expresses emotions that connect us with the rest of humanity. It is the search of what is beyond our social, material reality. It is finding spirituality in Being, the beginning of history, what separates us from the animal world: our conscience, our creative ability.
Art gives us space without time, where the medium of expression does not surpass the capacity of emotion of the beholder: where the process of creation becomes the purpose itself.

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Unfolding Spirits: River #1

by Tere G

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