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I've been painting for about 40 years. I've chosen not to study with anyone, but to develop my skills through experimentation and hard work. My paintings have been on exhibition at the London East Galleries in Philadelphia; the Eland Gallery and the Kimberton Gallery in Pennsylvania; the Grove Street Gallery in New York City, to name a few. I have many works in private collections . I work frequently on private commission.

My Artist Statement

I love to paint anything in nature that is beautiful to me. A sunset over a building, a vase of flowers, a wooded road in the summertime, seasonal color changes, And I love to paint portraits—people, babies, pets; cats, dogs, horses. I love to capture the feelings in the faces and forms, and eyes. And I work on a portrait until I have caught the essence of my subject. And then it is a beautiful memento, a lasting and valuable heirloom.

My Location

I am located in Denver, Colorado.

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