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About thatmustacheman

I was born and raised in a small country called Moldova. I was the third child out of six children. Grew up poor as a child but moved to the U.S. with my family. My father started a hardwood flooring business where I learned valuable lessons about woodworking as well as working with people. I have graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a bachelors degree in Illustration and Design. So the past few years I have used the skills I have acquired from the places I've been and things I learned and decided to produce the type of work which is original, exclusive, personal, and truly cannot be replicated.

Artist Statement

My mission is to apply my artistic ideas and visions on a different type of canvas which people have not seen before, to bring color and life to something that may just look dull and lifeless by itself.

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The Death of Ad...

by thatmustacheman


A Wooden Sunset

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by thatmustacheman


The Lone Wolf

by thatmustacheman