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Mark Richmond Woodcraft

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About Mark Richmond Woodcraft

I had not much time for school.
I spent three years at college studying art and design, also I learnt a lot of my art and trade skills from my Dad, whilst working at his carpentry business back in the Eighties.
I rekindled my old artistic interests around that time and began painting, which was soon overtaken by sculpting.
Wood is by far my favourite medium, and most,if not all, the wood I use is reclaimed. Dragged home from walks along the banks of The River Medway or scavenging like a skip rat from building sites and such like.
I began carving full time two years ago, now I can spend most of my time creating, be it either musically or artistically.
I have 4 children, 3 grandchildren, 9 guitars and a Boa Constrictor named Nathaniel.

Artist Statement

My true sculptures can often be reflections of the world I see around me, the truths that create and consume me, and lead me to question my perceptions of life. These thoughts can sometimes creep into my sculptures unbidden.
I like to believe that; I was created and so I create, It is what I have always been. I am myself when I am working, discovering, revealing, the beauty behind the bark of some once mighty Tree.
I like to find or be given the materials I use, ( wood mostly) The state of the wood, it' immediate history can often inspire me.
Frequently I let my imagination, and my tools, be guided by the splits, cracks and knots that have 'scarred' the woods surface.

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by Mark Richmond Woodcraft


Wood carving (Rhododendron)

Wood carving (R...

by Mark Richmond Woodcraft


Solstice Bowl

Solstice Bowl

by Mark Richmond Woodcraft


Wood Sculpture (Ash)

Wood Sculpture ...

by Mark Richmond Woodcraft


Wood sculpture (Ash)

Wood sculpture ...

by Mark Richmond Woodcraft