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Life is very dangerous. Not by the people who do evil, but why sit and watch what happens. Albert Einstein (1879-1955) German scientist nationalized American

The story of my life

Life taught me to sink my roots in the history of my land, this land where I was born to grow into a healthy and vigorous oak, Yes! to sink my roots in the history of my country, but not in the superficial, deceitful, false and tendentious history, which is in most history books, as we know.

But in this story it tells you the wind rustling passing through the pine trees at sunset, in the story that tells you the chameleon on the rock, or the golden eagle on a dry pine, when you're in the woods in solitude; in that story that tells you the sky on a starry night in October, in the mountains of Durango, yes !, in that was, in history, in which I sunk my roots, away from the alienated culture, to grow as it's a must.

Life taught me to always stay away from drunken, vicious, well, not to hang out with thugs, with silly with fucking and other types of homosexuals, sodomites and sexual perverts.

It taught me that life is sometimes like a carnival, or as a masquerade, say, where the wolf wears sheep and the devil a saint, taught me that man himself may be the worst enemy of man or his best friend taught me well, that nature can be very cruel and that Christ is the masterpiece of nature.

In the end, what matters is not the years of life, but the life of the years. Abraham Lincoln (1808-1865) American politician

University life taught me to believe in God, among other things, taught me to love the good, to love dogs, children and the elderly.

College taught me to value nature to Christ in their proper perspective.

I also taught to learn from ordinary people and good books.

So one day, thinking about one of my works, I found my own roots, the story of my life is not very long, it in four pages.

I also learned that knowledge can reach anywhere and unexpectedly, even in a simple sentence, that one day while we ate alone, my mother and I asked him without more, where do we come from? and where are we going? she just drink water and chew then told me how confiding a secret, we come from God and we return to die God.and said no more, nor I dared to speak, continued to eat in silence.

With this simple phrase I answer the eternal question who say man becomes, through the tiempos┐Quien I am, where I come from and where I'm going?

This day I was given to understand that this painting, called "The Christ of the earth" is the story of my life, who said that art can be a way to access knowledge, tube right to speak, some cases may reveal life, like me, in this case and thus know ourselves better.
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The Virgin and Child

by Alberto Thirion


by Alberto Thirion

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