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Through my artwork, I am mainly interested in exploring the existential experience of the human being. I find myself constantly infatuated by “scenes”, almost “freeze-frames” of the human experience, ranging from the ordinary to those bordering on insanity. I am not concerned with adhering to specific genres that exist in art. I prefer not to limit my creative expression and this is why many times my work is purely abstract, while other times it surfaces as more representational or even an amalgamation of the two.My work focuses on and is an expression of the human condition, incorporating feelings of confusion, suffering, depression, wonder, nostalgia, empathy, happiness, and so on. All of this is filtered through my own unique experience as an artist and human being. I keep myself constantly inspired by surrounding myself with music, literature, movies, and by cultivating my own everyday experiences. I use all of these elements to access the present moment, where all true creativity flows from, and which allows ideas to adapt and evolve. This is what feeds my art and helps it grow and change with every passing day and moment.

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Neon Storm

by toma berrant

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