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I am a nationally published illustrator and portrait artist having produced award winning illustrations for many of America's leading corporations, advertising agencies and publishers of books, magazines and collectibles for forty years. My work has been honored with major awards both nationally and internationally and are listed on my official website. My specialties are very realistic portrayals of celebrities in show business, politics, sports, religion and history. I am also a recognized creator of glamour pinups, action-adventure themes, vintage aircraft paintings and pinups. After being the lead illustrator at four major Minneapolis graphic arts studios I went on my own and opened my own illustration studio which I have operated for 20 years.

My Artist Statement

I am a realist illustraor and portrait aratist. My renditions are dramatic, slick and glamorous in style. I research my subjects very carefully and I pay great attentions to detail. My portraits always enhance the subject especially the celebrity portraits. My main interest in art is illustrating film, TV, historical and religious icons and situations to tell a story or portray a mood.

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I am located in Burnsville, Minnesota.

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