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Wanda Mcphee

Atlanta, GA


About Wanda Mcphee

Artist Statement

I am an Artist, Graphic designer, and nature loving fashionista with a passion for enjoying life. My art is a celebration of homage to nature and all things creative. I was born and grew up in the Bahamas so the sun, sand and sea definitely impacts and influences the way I create. I love experimenting with colors, textures and mix media....especially indigenous plant fibers/materials and anything that I can recycle. Welcome to my passion!

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Forever and Alw...

by Wanda Mcphee


Have Faith

by Wanda Mcphee


All Things Brig...

by Wanda Mcphee


Live Out Loud

by Wanda Mcphee


I Am Beautiful

by Wanda Mcphee


Happy Days

by Wanda Mcphee