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About Two Sipsters Studio
Beth Wheeler (a.k.a. “Muttonhead”) is a free-lance artist,
product-development specialist, author, and instructor. In the past 16
years, she has written more than 44 books for sewing, quilting, craft,
an d collecting audiences; hundreds of articles for trade and consumer
publications; and published her own line of Muttonhead® quilting
patterns and products. Beth has been a crafter since age five and a
quilter since age 16. She credits her mother and maternal grandmother
with inspiration and introduction to early techniques—and access to
a Singer featherweight sewing machine. A passion for discovery led her
to develop processes for analysis of technique and design. These
skills are the basis for her artwork, workshops, articles, books, and

Beth lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with husband Geoffrey, and dogs,
Elsie & Sydney, in a house happily crowded with a jumble of fabrics,
computers, printers, artwork and projects in progress, and treasured
“stuff” too precious to actually use.

Lori Marquette (a.k.a. “Sassy”) is a free-lance artist and
certified massage therapist with a growing passion for art,
photography, and graphic design combined with fabric, threads, and
technology. She has worked with Beth, providing balance and marketing
her designs for 16 years. During this time, Lori has renewed her
childhood appreciation of quilting and crafting from the many hours
spent watching her maternal grandmother hand-quilt and embroider as
she was growing up. She brings life-long passion of the healing arts,
unique perspective, and a healthy sense of adventure to artistic
creativity. This facilitates therapeutic persuasion in her technique
and design. It is a privilege for her to share this energy with you.

Lori lives in Leo, Indiana, with sons Tyler & Ryan, and toy poodle
Artist Statement

Beth Wheeler and Lori Marquette met in 1989 while in the employ of a magazine publisher. Over the years their families have become inextricably entwined and the two have worked together in the quilting, craft, and creative industries. Product development assignments for manufacturers eventually led Beth and Lori to a new adventure through Two Sipsters Studio.

THREADOGRAPHY® grew from Beth’s lifetime fascination with fabric, threads, art, and photography, coupled with technology and an insatiable quest to combine technique and design; and Lori’s unique ability to organize, focus, and distill thought processes through visual communication methods. Together, Beth and Lori continue to expand THREADOGRAPHY® subject matter, complexity, and style.

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