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Eti Mayer has lived in Israel, Europe and the Far East and studied at the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and the School of Visual Arts, Parsons and FIT in New York. She lives with her husband in Englewood, NJ.

Artist Statement

Eti Mayer’s inspiration comes from everything she sees because in her eyes, everything is a potential work of art. And every beautiful, original work of art she creates clearly reflects that worldview.

Having worked in various media including sculpture, painting, and jewelry design, Eti began to explore the Pique Assiette mosaic style not only because of its beauty and flexibility of design, but because it provided the opportunity to repurpose found materials. In her gifted hands, precious mementos that have been hidden away for years can be brought to life again as part of a mosaic piece.

The artist explains, “I’m drawn to the Pique Assiette mosaic style because the design possibilities are so vast. Since Pique Assiette incorporates such a wide variety of elements including broken ceramics, plates, dishes, cups, tiles, glass and other found objects in the finished product, the supply of materials is endless and a very creative re-use of materials. Just looking around antique stores, flea markets and garage sales for interesting pieces to include is practically a full-time job,” Eti says, adding, “All my friends and family know to be on the lookout too.”

The process of Pique Assiette also presents the artist and client with the wonderful opportunity to include personal items such as jewelry, mementos, etc. in the design. Although Eti conceives and creates many different pieces for purchase, she especially enjoys creating commissioned items for specific design schemes, people or occasions. “There is no more meaningful gift than one that includes a part of a person’s life,” she says.

Finding the pieces to turn into Pique Assiette mosaics is no less enjoyable. “To my eyes,” she says, “a table is no longer just a table, a pot no longer a pot, a box no longer a box. Everything I see is a potential work of art.”

In addition to accepting commissions for specific design schemes, people or occasions, Eti creates functional and decorative works of art from the delightful to the dramatic ― keepsake boxes, tables, chests, picture frames, mirrors, bottles, vases and exquisite objets d’art including busts, torsos, and animals.

The artist lives and works in New Jersey with her husband and draws inspiration from the serenity of her wooded yard and the myriad colors in her glorious gardens.

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