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About Vikki Hastings
Vikki Hastings, 24, from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2011 with a BA (hons) degree in drawing and painting. Prior to this, she studied at the Reid Kerr College, Paisley, where she graduated with an HNC in Environmental Fine Art. Vikki currently works full-time from her own studio in Kilmarnock wjere she religiously creates a constant flow of fresh paintings. Armed with an obsession of fairy tale, in all its forms, Vikki attempts to create artworks that fall into the area between story-telling and escapism. Her work is a constant interrogation of humanity and allows her the artistic space to confront her own 'poisoned apple' as well as her inability to escape falling victim to human nature. Art is escapist and escapism is inescapable.
Artist Statement

My work loosely draws on the subject of fairy-tale, but more importantly the escapism implied by such stories. The tales provoke a journey, and typically we use this for problem solving in our everday lives. However, more extreme versions of 'escape' allows us to enter into, not so much a perfect 'happily ever after' world, but simply an alternative one. Art is escapist and escapism, positive or negative, is, in itself, inescapable and I believe that my work provides me with a continuous means of 'travelling'. As an ornament in a harsh reality, there are times when we cannot help but take a 'bite' from our own 'poisoned apples' and encounter the consequences. My work is a description of an escape into an area of the imagination, as well as the strange and abstract scenarios we conjure up in our minds to deal with real-life issues, especially when considering it is the role of story-telling which has perhaps fed this. Running away from something, literally ensures we are running towards something else. As human beings we are consumed with curiosity and escapism allows us to satisfy this. It allows us to explore (in some cases) a 'better' life as well as an improved self. Fairy tales remain a common area of research within the art world because highlighting an unfamiliar and unexplored world continues to be both exciting and appealing. Whether frowned upon or embraced, escapism is an important part of reality in terms of its detachment from it - forcing us into a world that is always just beyond our reach.

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