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Vincent DiLeo started his career as a photographer at age seventeen. He was born and raised in New Jersey and worked as one of the staff photographers for The Roxbury News Journal while in high school. During that time he sold photographs to the Police department, Fire Department and major insurance companies. He joined the Air Force after high school and was stationed in Japan. He moved out to California over a decade ago to attend college and study photography. Jobs in photography were hard to find after college, so he devised a plan to earn a living using his camera while traveling. Vincent traveled across the western United States to county fairs and craft shows as an Old Time Photography Photographer. He photographed thousands of people dressed in vintage clothing using an old 1930ís 4x5 Graflex camera and a Polaroid back. He then began studying the works of two great fashion photographers Richard Avedon and Francesco Scavullo. This lead him to pursuing a career as a fashion photographer. He worked as an assistant to Richard Glick in San Francisco for a short while and then opened his own photography studio in Sacramento, California. His photographs have appeared on the covers of magazines, in newspapers and many commercial ads for clients. He now creates Fine Art Photography and shows his work at local California Galleries such as Blue Line Gallery. You can also find his work online at galleries such as and To see more of his work including his dreamscapes, where he attempts to create photographs from his dreams go to

My Artist Statement

Our common bond on this planet is what we hear, see and experience as we travel along the timeline of life. As I explore my thoughts through the prism of my own experience and my camera lens, I make new discoveries. My experience as a news photographer at the early age of seventeen was instrumental in my transition into advertising and fashion photography.

The snippets of time that I have photographed throughout the years are like layers of memories that symbolize my experience through life. All of this has led me to creating photographic art.

My fine art photos are created by using multiple layers of photographs and blending the colors and images into one. The symbolic nature of taking a fragment of time and blending them together has inspired me to create vibrant abstract art photos, and attempt to recreate my dreams as photographic images.

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I am located in auburn, CA.

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