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Debbie Wilson
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I have always had a passion for the great outdoors, wildlife and all things natural. As far back as memory serves me I have been drawn to the mountains and canyons along with the history and sites of the westward movement.
This love affair has led me on many adventures throughout my life. It is only natural for me to find ways in which to document and share my experiences. I love discovering unique and creative ways in which to achieve this desire.

Residing in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana, I am continuously inspired by the endless beauty that surrounds me. My love of wood and gourds gives me natural palettes for my woodburning and painting. For years I have enjoyed working with the natural designs of nature and incorporating them into functional works of art.

It was my desire to bring these elements into my indoor living spaces that prompted me to design furniture using art/Woodburn to give each piece a one of a kind unique art form.

Gourds have become my newest obsession. Each individual gourd has its own personality and if you look at one long enough, it will tell you what it wants to be. Just to hold a gourd in your hands gives you a connection to the earth. Their smooth soft texture along with shape is soothing to the soul. I have found people are naturally drawn to them, perhaps this is a connection to our past when gourds where used in our day to day survival. Gourds have been used by man in many ways throughout history. Now they are beautiful works of art in many homes and offices around the world.

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by Debbie Wilson

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by Debbie Wilson

Broken Silence

by Debbie Wilson

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