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About Windy Kai
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To ask an artist about their process is akin to asking someone how they breathe. Itís difficult for me to explain, it just happens. I work in mixed-media and Iím very ADD in my styles of art. I might do one series of complete representational styles and then the next month do a series of abstract work. I go with what inspires me and that could be anything; a picture in a magazine, a phrase in a book, something my husband said. However I will say most of all what influences me the most is my grandmother. Hummingbird Studios was named after her for her love of the little bird and you will see this little bird show up in my work often.

I start out with a substrate and place down any and everything I can think of to it. Maps, letters, molding paste with stamps for texture, leaves ground up in paste or medium for texture all for a background and then it can either develop into a realistic piece or an abstract piece. My abstract pieces are very cubust in nature, while my representational pieces are more folksy and whimsical. I use everything from old letters and photos to wire and stones from an old piece of costume jewelry found at a flea martket.

I donít pretend to know what will come of any piece that I begin, I donít think itís my business to know. Itís my job just to trust the universe, follow to flow of my muse and see what happens.

Iíve recently been featured on CBS DFW

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by Windy Kai

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