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About Wendy Malowany

Wendy Malowany earned her A.S. In Fine Art, her B.F.A., majoring in Painting, and her M.S. in Art Education. She has been drawing and creating since her childhood in the U.S. and Scotland, creating art at a professional level for over 20 years, and teaching art to children and adults for over 15 years.

She immigrated to Canada after marrying her Canadian husband in 2010, and works in her studio on their 8 acre hobby farm in the Niagara region of Ontario.

Artist Statement

Throughout my artistic career, I have worked with themes. It wasn’t really a planned idea, but I’ve noticed that I’ve become fascinated and focused on ideas or a certain subject matter for much of my artwork, for a given time. Looking back, I realize that it started very early with my fascination with horses as a child. For several years, at that time, all I drew or painted was horses.

Although painting has been my preferred medium since the beginning of my artistic career, and the area I majored in for my B.F.A., I enjoy exploring other media and disciplines, such as printmaking, and sculpture. I feel drawing is fundamental to any artwork, so am always sketching ideas, but have also created drawings which I consider completed pieces of art as well.

During my early studies at university, my artwork became more abstract, but has always had real objects or places as the subject.

Most of my work appears “larger than life”. Perhaps influenced by my photography classes early in college, and due to my fascination with showing the viewer aspects of life that may be easily overlooked, I tend to magnify and crop a lot of my imagery.

Some themes I have explored and continue to revisit are: fruit, architecture, objects around the house, shoes, and the places and things I encounter around me.

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