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Noah Z

, NH

About Noah Z

I am a seventeen year old who has loved drawing from a very young age. I recently found a style that works for me and have decided to share my passion with others. Art has been a big impact on my life.
The reason why I am on this site is because my family is going through some very tough times and I am desperately trying to make any penny that I can. I figured I would do something that I would love; art. Thanks for stopping by! :)

I run a few blogs on tumblr and have an account on YouTube. You may know me as either justxemansthings or xemnass. My name is Noah and I'm happy to be here! :)

Artist Statement

I make artwork based on Kingdom Hearts characters. All work is original content and is only in black and white.

If for somehow any reason happens that you are unable to get my contact information, you can email me at Please make sure you put in a proper subject line and I'll get back to you ASAP. You can also message me on my tumblr; the link is below :)

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by Noah Z



by Noah Z


Xion and Roxas ...

by Noah Z