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Yenny Cocq Sculpture

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About Yenny Cocq Sculpture
Born 1967 in Hamburg, Germany
Residence in Santa Fe, NM

Professional Artist since 2000
Expensive experience and many exhibitions in printmaking and acrylic painting.
Golden Artist Colors working artist, teaching acrylic painting in Scandinavia.
Gallery owner 2004- 2013 Copenhagen
Online gallery since 2008 now exclusively online.

Gallery representation:
US and internationally online and fine art galleries in Santa Fe,
Boulder, Scottsdale, Los Angeles
Denmark,Canada, Belgium, France, Dubai

Upcoming show:
Spectrum Indianwells March16-19
Artist Statement

My fascination with bronze as a medium started actually when I was 21 and had created my first sculpture. Then I studied many different subjects from business to permaculture and printmaking.
I also owned a gallery in Copenhagen for about 10 years.

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Bronze sculpture Romantic figurines by Yenny Cocq 50cm tall

by Yenny Cocq Sculpture

Bronze sculpture family portrait by Yenny Cocq,  Family of Four

by Yenny Cocq Sculpture

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