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About Yue Xin
Li Yuexin started her career as a kindergarten teacher. Due to her strong interest in paper-cut art, she spend three years of her time to master it and be a professional artist in paper-cutting.
Younger days, paper cut art was part of her school activities. At that time she had gain her teacher affirmation on her paper-cut artworks that inspired her to build interest into paper-cutting art. During her free time she will learn and try out different ways to improve her paper cutting skill. She participated in some paper cutting competitions organized by the school. She gained experience in the competitions to improve her skill on the paper-cutting career and it was her turning point. She uses her own paper-cut work as a gift for her family whom affirmed her works and gave her encouragement to proceed with the career. Li Yuexin repeatedly stressed that she was not from professional background of paper cutting but from her dedication of work, she can see her accomplishments in artistic talent.
When Li Yuexin saw Hong Kong's famous paper-cut artist Li Baoyi’s work, she was attracted to it. Her paper-cut works deeply impress and motivated Li Yuexin, after which she began to create different paper-cut design of her own style.
Li Yuexin paper-cut art style is not limited to traditional Chinese style but mixture of East and West fusion. Her unique style in paper cutting is combination of fashion elements and fairy tales. She uses a pair of scissors with imagination to create the many smart ideas expressed by paper-cutting. She likes to combine a variety of elements in the paper-cut in order that her paper-cut works looks real everywhere which reflect her delicate inspiration.
Artist Statement

Thanks to all the people around me for the support and thanks to you all that love my art.

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Love Parrot

by Yue Xin

Paper Cut Parrot

by Yue Xin

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