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collector comments:

"Your work is sensuous and strong in emotion. The integrity of the artist's intentions is so important and I see that yours is true. Your work is sensuous and sincere."

"i saw your artwork on is@ and am very impressed by your free style, thank you! its some of the most original i've seen in a while, please keep it up :)"

"This piece has all the brightness of a happy summer day! Beautiful!"

"Stunning work!! Amazing talent! Painting is beautiful!!"

"An artist who touches creates images suggesting mortality and eroticism."

"A sensual and engaged use of paint"
"A sensual appreciation of materials"
"Genuine passion and engagement"
"A willingness to experiment & react"

"but every once in a while (like with you!) someone stops me in my tracks"
"Perfect exchange with such a creative and warm spirited artist. Thank YOU!"

"Marvelous painting, and my second.... Not my last! Great transactions!"

"What a little gem of a painting! I will draw warmth from this piece!"

"Hi again, Thanks for such a great email along with all the info about your site. I just visited--like a little vacation!--and I really loved it. I think your work is so exciting and beautiful, and no one else is doing it! It really stands out as being mature and grounded, yet somehow other-worldly and mystical as well. I immediately fell in love with Meditation and some of the others as well."

"I certainly wasn't disappointed with the pieces. The textures and the colors are wonderful. Your wrapping itself was a work of art!"

"Now I'll be greedy and say that I want more of your images and colors surrounding me"

"I love the colors and the texture."

Ah!! I'm aching to see it!!??

"Thanks for the info--can't wait to see the paintings. I just got back this evening, and already I have checked out your new listings. They look wonderful. I think the female figure must be the most beautiful of God's creations."

"I can't wait to see the colors and the textures for myself."

"Your work seems very pure to me, and unencumbered, if that makes sense. I will look forward to seeing and purchasing more of it - please do add me to your "alertz" list"

"What an absolutely refreshing painting to get after my week thus far. It is absolutely beautiful Z woman and your cards are sooo cool!!

The layers are mesmerizing!!"?
Artist Statement

A Houston native and contemporary fauvist devoted to modern abstract expression. Her process in creating visual art is spontaneous, lushly textured and instinctive; resulting in striking multi-layered works reticent of light, detail, chaos and experience. Pieces expose extreme color, expressive movement, raw contrast and emotional energy. Simple and complex perspectives emerge and fall through repeated destruction and reiteration.

pieces from many series are represented here - I am relatively consistent in my process, style and technique throughout most - generally, I prefer to work thick colorful med-sm pieces repetitively

materials vivid colors, high quality oils, gallery wrap canvas, palette knife, heavy impasto, broken glass, coins, sand, poems, white light, willow charcoal, cobalt line, freehand digital sketching, pressed leaves, art history, used art books, bravery, W, xm-altnation

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series: raw piece ~ tyanna 22

by Art Studio Z

series: raw piece ~ fern

by Art Studio Z

series: raw piece

by Art Studio Z

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