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Zhen Wu Sculpture

About Zhen Wu Sculpture
Zhen Wu was born 1953.

He began his art career in 1976, concentrating on bronze sculpture, paiting and studio furniture making for more than 30 years.
Artist Statement

In 1976, he created ''The Call of Silence''. This piece expressed his innermost identity and channeled the eruption of grief. Also, his sculpture techniques gradually matured.

In 1979, his work was selected for the Shanghai art Exhibition.

In 1981, he held a sculpture exhibition in Hong Kong.

From 1985 to 1992, he created "Marine life" series. He infused more artistic creativity in his furniture design.

From 1992 to 2000, he attempted to integrate Oriental elements into his "Return to Nature" series.

From 2000 to 2006, his "Sea World" series was born. Brimmed by the mind of returning to natural dimensions, his art is meant to explore and immerse into the expansive world beneath the sea.

In 2006, his sculpture style and creativity entered a new stage. He used his unique understanding and close-up performance to indicate a fleeing nature that was once owned.

In 2007, he began to discover a new visual creative approach. On copper and aluminum plate of 1/32” or 1/8” thickness, employing intricate points, lines and multi-layered images with random textures, he created vivid multi-dimensional images through multiple application of etching and fine sanding. The resulting art works metaphorically demonstrated the eruption of his passion, anxiety and spirituality. The tiniest quivering instances coupled with sub-consciousness and self restraint, his ever changing fathoming process constituted corroboration between reflection and his true state of mind. He attempted to create in purest form a unique style of his own cross-over realistic and abstract with poetical and musical images. Furthermore, he whole-heartedly pursued an ambiance full of lyrical mysteriousness and spatial continuity; an ambiance that rhymed with elegance, fluidity and transparency demonstrated through carefree yet exciting colors and lines. In his "Ocean Rhapsody" series (with 120 pieces, 343" in length), ''Day and night’’, "Prelude", "Native Spirit", "This Moment Now" and “Between the Worlds” series, he strived to express beauty, emotion, propagation and even accelerated dejection of the deep sea. This marine world coexisted with human in the universe. Finally, his long term yearning, thoughts and chanting from his heart transformed into a captivating visual language.

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Underwater New Lives Table

by Zhen Wu Sculpture

Underwater World single leg table series I

by Zhen Wu Sculpture

Seahorse half-round Console

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Underwater Attraction  Table

by Zhen Wu Sculpture

Seahorse Single Leg Console

by Zhen Wu Sculpture

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