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Blue Color : Afternoon Fog by Kelly Money

by Kelly Money

$400.00 Corn Field

by Dornberg

$250.00 South American girl with crosses

by Biagio Civale

$595.00 Lady in the garden

by Roxana Patricia Nita

$400.00 Three Different Sights

by Andreia Santos

$290.00 130221 - 2

by Haig Pohan

$15.00 ceramic pitcher

by Edward Morgan Ceramics

$225.00 Retired Workhorse

by Richard Nervig

$500.00 Crushed Silver Flowers

by Art by Ione

$1,800.00 Jerry\'s Curb Service

by Steel City Artist Illustrations

$45.00 5 Monroes

by Mr Arseno

$3,125.00 Garden of Stone - Original artwork

by CJs Rock Art

$1,800.00 Mannequin art, female form sculpture

by Rachel Olynuk

$2,200.00 New Day Dawning

by Ginny Blakeslee Breen

$4,600.00 Pale Lotus

by Michelle Rial

$900.00 Smooth Sailing original PMS oil painting on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$395.00 Doxian

by MBeckerArt

$230.00 Sisterhood Oil Painting by hakeemkale


$400.00 Struggled Coverup (220)

by Joel D'Orazio

$2,750.00 Surviving the Storms by Kimberley Dietrich

by Kimberley Dietrich

$100.00 Majestic Clock by Amalia Flaisher

by Sand and Water Creations in Glass


by Maia Oprea

$37.00 FORESIGHT   oil painting by Will Birdwell


$1,700.00 Ducks

by Eye of the Beholder

$60.00 Carnations 16x20

by Natasha Bacca

$150.00 MAN

by B a r b a r a Schneider

$880.00 The Wicked Woods

by Jennie Hallbrown

$135.00 The Innocence I

by Shivkumar soni

$450.00 B1

by Andrew Williams

$80.00 Thermocline

by Darren Jones

$900.00 Daffodils

by Martina Mincheva

$20.00 Cotton Bouquet by susan elizabeth jones

by Susan Elizabeth Jones

$325.00 Pink Flower in Red Vase

by Patt Dalbey Studio

$250.00 Affirmation Quilt

by Therese May

$9,000.00 Pictures at an Exhibition

by Contemporary Watercolors

$375.00 Foggy Morning

by Eye of the Beholder

$30.00 Im Schlaf

by Milan Andric

$800.00 Blue mirror

by Suzanne Tremblay

$123.75 Sidelines

by gallery M


by Naturewoodart

$225.00 gold-leaf mixed media painting

by Michael O'Briant

$3,200.00 Springtime

by Suzanne Gaff

$55.00 Mid-Summer Fairy

by Jennie Hallbrown

$200.00 Flowers and Birds

by masoumeh sadeghi

$4,000.00 Urbanscetch3w

by nemhja

$190.00 Fountain Creek Lake

by Richard Nervig

$350.00 Creature

by Stephen Neil Gill

$150.00 Colorful Cows of Vermont

by Kathy Bergeron

$637.50 J\'ommetry

by Geoff Thornley

$700.00 What Comes Next???

by Marilyn Korsak Art

$312.50 Yellow and Pink Begonia

by Suzanne Gaff

$50.00 Dark Turquoise and Silver Tube Necklace

by Jazzy Jewelry Jones

$60.00 Wine and Roses

by Michela Akers

$1,500.00 Lean On Me (MWOA)

by My Works of Art


by Maia Oprea



$900.00 Spring number

by gallery M

$4,200.00 A Swim

by Studio Ilana

$350.00 Morning Mist photograph by John Greim

by First Light Images

$450.00 Mountauk Point Lighthouse

by Derek McCrea

$30.00 Tuscany Villa

by Richard Nervig

$550.00 Float On original framed PMS acrylic painting

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$165.00 Bucht

by Milan Andric

$250.00 Sunny

by Nadia NL

$200.00 Gold VIne

by Gracewood Design

$1,000.00 Rebel Rebel original PMS diptych oil paintings on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$1,800.00 CoyDragon

by Justin Malangoni

$70.00 Belize 2

by cathy shepherd

$1,100.00 Polar Night acrylics on canvas

by Rachel Olynuk

$450.00 Digital Eye of the Storm

by Pop-Graffiti by Edward-X

$850.00 Abstract Platter by Lisa Madden

by Let's Get Potted!!

$85.00 Let\'s Play

by Hal Mayforth

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